We Migrated Feedback Platforms
It would be great if we could have available for translation all the lines within all the plugins we use in our apps, This will open the doors for non-speaking english developers or clients to customize an app without having to sacrifice some functionality, and to you guys to compete in a growing market where other companies haven't dare to go to.
I imagine it like this. We add a plugin from the marketplace and boom!, there's a panel on the sidebar that would allow us to change the lines for the text placeholder of one button to anything with out having to mess with code, that way we could have true apps in french, spanish, german, portuguese, etc. and open a whole lot of posibilities for customers, developers and resellers worldwide, (still don't know why you guys have done it, you already allow us to chance some lines for translation inside the main app but left out the plugins... but hey!, who am I to judge right?.
I spend a week looking for a place where to build my first app without coding myself. Found you guys and fell in love, the only thing you have missed is this. Help us bring buildfire to more people, developers, and probable customers so we can all swin in money -mostly you guys but you know what we mean-. Thanks and hope to see somenthing like this in the near future.
by Ricardo